SCPGREY Göteborg

We are creatives, strategists, event experts, graphic designers, planners, architects, packaging designers, project managers and analysts who listen and join forces to make sure our advertising does what it’s supposed to do. We are digital, because so are our clients, meetings and conversations. And we’re analogue for exactly the same reason. We think branding, we think goal achievement, we think effective communication regardless of the medium. We have our ear to the ground. We are easy to work with. We like order, and we keep our promises. We are curious about new technology. And about our clients. We evaluate, measure and follow up on our jobs. We use our own strategic tool, Brand Spirit Process, which gives us a quicker insight into the brand’s core based on each client’s needs and circumstances.

Since 1997 we have been part of the Grey Group, which is part of WPP, the world’s largest ad agency network with some 175 000 employees at more than 3 000 agencies in 110 countries. In 2014 our network, GREY, was voted Agency of the Year by the well-reputed magazine Advertising Age – confirmation of the importance of long-term brand building based on efficiency and sustainable ideas.


SCPGREY is an integrated full-service agency – which translates into we have what’s needed to create strong communication.

We create inspiring content regardless of market, medium and platform: Brand Studies, Planning, Communication Strategies, Integrated Campaigns, Content Marketing, Digital Production, Events, Retail, Exhibitions, Live Social Media, Design Concepts, Print and Film Production. We constantly develop our services and create new ones as the need arises.

Each team is adapted to the needs of the client and the nature of the assignment. We also have a number of specialists who work across disciplines to bring cutting-edge expertise in areas such as brand strategy, digital strategy, planning, repro, retail and architecture.

We work on a local, national and global level. And through the Grey network, we work with colleagues around the world on a daily basis. They help us with everything from market data and reports to analyses, and above all with local insight and production. This helps ensure we can create the best possible communication and business benefit for our clients.


We are always interested in coming into contact with talented people who want to be involved in creating communication that has an impact and produces results. Tell us a bit about yourself:


If you’re studying in the fields of advertising, marketing and communication and need a work experience placement, SCPGREY can give you a start in the industry – right where it’s happening. Send your application to


Creatives and strategists, production managers and specialists. We have most of the talents you need to solve your communication issues.


Creating communication that has an impact and produces results is second nature to us, but so is caring for the environment and contributing to sustainable development.

We were awarded an Environmental Diploma by the City of Gothenburg in 2003. This shows that we have a structured environmental system in place, the aim being to minimise our use of resources and ensure it is not detrimental to the natural environment or human health. Equally important is acting ethically in all situations.

As members of the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies, we are committed to complying with the ICC’s code for advertising and marketing. This means that we also have an in-house responsible publisher for advertising, who ensures that everything we produce for our clients meets prevailing legal and ethical requirements.

As part of the agency network WPP, it is mandatory for all our employees to be regularly trained in our code of conduct, guidelines for combatting bribery and corruption and the WPP confidentiality policy. We have our own Equality Policy to ensure diversity in the workplace and actively combat all forms of discrimination.

We co-operate with various education programmes in advertising and marketing by offering work experience placements, so as to actively reinforce young people’s chances of entering the job market and – not least – to add to the diversity and renewal necessary for us as an agency to remain an attractive partner to our clients in the future.


Looking for a new communication agency, or just want to try us out? You are always welcome to contact us, with no obligation.

E-mail our Managing Director Kristian Jörgensen or call him on +46 31 726 98 50.

We support Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (Komm) recommendations for a sound agency-selecting process, a process developed alongside the Association of Swedish Advertisers.