Groundbreaking Volvo stand with weather machine nominated to the Swedish Design Award

Published 2015.09.16

For the launch of the new Volvo XC90 at Paris Motor Show 2014 SCPGREY created a completely new stand communication concept “Made by Sweden” where we only exhibited one car on the 1,500-square meter booth. Around the car, we created a virtual Sweden with a 3 m high 360° screen wall. The visitor could experience all seasons with all senses – a “weather machine” generated real rain, snow and mist around the car, scents of the sea, forests and meadows, and ambient sounds of nature. In the stand we used exclusively genuine materials like Bohus granite, oak, glass and steel, and the public got close experiences in form of podcasts, Oculus Rift virtual reality, holograms etc.

Already during Paris Motor Show, Volvo Cars was considered the best stand by auto media, and now we’re proud to announce that the stand is also nominated to the Swedish Design Award 2015.

The client is Volvo Car Group. The team at SCPGREY are Marie Hernmarck CD, Dragan Pavlovic Creative Business Director och Architect, Henrik Schulz Architect Johanna Johansson AD ass, Marika Månsson Final Art och Lina Niklasson PL.


The final voting is open for everyone, Sept. 14–20. You too can vote at Svenska Designpriset!



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