‘Care choice’ campaign

Närhälsan has some 60 rehab clinics around Västra Götaland Region. Autumn 2014 sees the introduction of Vårdvalet (care choice) in the region, which means that patients can choose freely from all the clinics in the region. In this new competitive environment, Närhälsan needs to strengthen its position and consolidate its presence among new and existing customers alike. Our concept is based on communication around the question ‘ONT?’ (PAIN?). This is an emotive word, and also something that all of Närhälsan’s rehab clinics want to help people have less of, whether it be physical or mental pain. PAIN? is also a simple, direct signal that people react to, particularly when accompanied by the well-known old tune for “Head, shoulders, knees and toes…”. The tune is also perfect for marketing on both TV and radio. Even in the first week, visitor numbers to the website broke all previous records by a wide margin.