Volvo Car Group

Global Dealer Conference 2016

Prior to the sales start of the new Volvo S90 and V90, Volvo Car Group gathers 3000 dealer principals from all over the world in Gothenburg for a full-scale day and evening events to inspire and enthuse with stories and stand-outs. The aim was to prove that Volvo belongs to the premium segment and to create a unique VIP event with engaging human centric conversations and unforgettable experiences Made by Sweden.

We wanted the Dealer Principals to leave Gothenburg having experienced being pampered the “Volvo Way”. By this we meant enjoying seamless, exclusive treatment that should inspire and provide an example they could pass on to their own customers.

We created “The Burst”, a 24 H brand experience. Called the burst due to the overwhelming show both day and night, with some of Sweden’s greatest artists, and Volvo’s greatest products.