Volvo Car Group

Play IntelliSafe

Volvo IntelliSafe supports drivers to drive safely and comfortable and the technology aims to make the relation between people and cars more harmonious. Harmonious no matter if it’s about caring for the people inside the car, other drivers or cyclists and pedestrians. In the autumn of 2014 Volvo launched it’s latest and most modern car ever, the Volvo XC90 and at Paris Motor Show 2014, the car met the bigger audience for the first time. As part of the stand, the IntelliSafe technology was presented.

To present IntelliSafe we created an innovative, interactive, collective and playful platform, “Play IntelliSafe” – a way to learn about Volvo’s safety technologies through gamification and play. The “game” consisted of a 2 meters round table with a screen and six interactive touch screens. From the touch screen, the “player” send out cars to the round “game” board. The cars were activated with or without the safety technologies.

Each car could be dispatched in different directions and got an extra boost at the press of a button. From the touch screen control, the player could activate a number of short, informative films that explained the different parts and concepts of IntelliSafe. When in action at the board, the car interacted with other players’ cars to avoid collisions, run-off road accidents etc. – all depending on whether the safety systems were activated or not.

In this way, Play IntelliSafe became a simple, entertaining and engaging experience of the thinking behind Volvo’s safety technologies. As a detail worth mentioning, the game was synchronized with the unique weather machine in the stand. Rain and snow was alternating on the playing board, causing the cars to react in different ways depending on the weather.